Earned Wage Access (EWA) is a service that gives customers access to some of their accrued wages before the end of their payroll cycle. EWA is not a loan.

EWA providers do not charge customers mandatory fees to access their own earnings. EWA providers, unlike lenders, do not have the legal right to demand repayment. Therefore, there are no debt collectors, no reporting to credit agencies, and no fines.

There are two primary EWA models: business-to-business (B2B) and direct-to-consumer (D2C). The B2B EWA provider integrates directly with the employer’s payroll system. The D2C EWA provider connects directly with workers and does not require employer integration with the service. The D2C EWA model greatly expands access to workers whose employers do not have an EWA integration. Rocco is a D2C EWA provider.

Our users provide us with their bank account history (with their explicit permission) so we can verify their employment and see how much money they make each month.

Rocco is not a lender and our advances are not considered loans. Unlike payday lenders, we do not charge interest or any mandatory fees to take out an advance – users only pay what they think is fair. Our advances are non-recourse, so we do not have a legal right to demand repayment from our users. We do not send our users to debt collectors or report them to credit agencies.

Based on your qualifications, you can borrow up to $100.

Your advance will be delivered within three business days. Alternatively, your advance will be delivered within one business day if you pay a small convenience fee.

When our customers tip Rocco, their tip goes toward helping Rocco offer its services to those who cannot afford to tip.

Users can tip $0 or tip what they want. Tips cannot exceed $20 on a $100 advance.

Rocco requires that you receive paychecks via direct deposit into your bank account. We also analyze your financial health and use a wide variety of data points to figure out how much of an advance you can afford to take out and still be able to settle by next payday.

Some of the factors we consider include:

  • Bank account balance history
  • Income history
  • Other risk-based factors

No, Rocco does not charge any mandatory fees. We let our customers pay what they think is fair for our services.

On your next payday we will automatically debit your bank account. You can also manually make a partial or full repayment anytime before your payday. If you would like to request an extended payback date, please email at least two business days before your payday.

No, there is no penalty for early repayment.

Rocco charges a $2.99 membership fee to maintain an active connection to your external bank account and to access a variety of services and features like account monitoring, notifications, as well as spending insights. Please keep in mind that the membership isn’t associated with being able to get advances and deleting the app will not end your membership or close your account. If you run into any connectivity issues, please try to reconnect your bank or update your bank login credentials.